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Trending Australian Beauty Ingredients and Their Benefits

Trending Australian Beauty Ingredients and Their Benefits - vitalewellness

With an all-natural approach to beauty and an easy laid-back attitude, Australians know how to take care of themselves. They’re very focused on botanical ingredients and how their products are formulated and have always been at the forefront of the clean beauty movement. In recent years Australia has also become a breeding ground of natural beauty ingredients that skincare enthusiasts all over the world are starting to obsess over. And there’s no wonder why: from the
Tasmanian pepper to the Kakadu plum, there’s an Australian ingredient for every skin problem. Read on to discover 5 of the most popular ingredients and how can you incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.

5 Aussie Skincare Ingredients and How to Use Them

1. The Tasmanian Pepper is Especially beneficial for those who have sensitive or highly reactive skins, the Tasmanian pepper
has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antimicrobial effects. It contains polygodial, an active ingredient known for reducing vasodilation and oedema, as it instantly reduces itching and burning sensations and decreases the appearance of skin redness. It’s also packed with vitamins C, phytonutrients ,and antioxidants.
The Tasmanian pepper tree is a shrub of 1 to 3 meters high, native to the southeastern parts of Australia, known for its wild and mountainous landscapes: Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. It’s a very resistant specie as it tolerates extreme weather conditions, from cold winter temperatures to strong winds. The berries of the tree have been used for treating skin discomfort
and irritated skin for thousands of years, and nowadays the science is finally backing its properties.

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Native to the South Pacific, primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines but also found in
northern areas of Australia, the Ylang-Ylang oil is extracted from the yellow star-shaped flowers of the Cananga tree. The flowers emerge as green and then turn to bright yellow as they mature. It’s a highly-searched ingredient and it’s traditionally used in aromatherapy, as it gives a calming effect to the body and mind and it’s a proven mood-booster. It also helps treat anxiety, high blood
pressure, low moods, tension headaches, and insomnia. When used on the skin, it helps improve the skin’s elasticity and smooth out fine lines and it’s
naturally anti-inflammatory. It’s also known for clearing blemishes and helping treat various skin conditions like dermatitis or eczema. Its rich sweet and floral scent is very appreciated in the industry, and it doubles as a way to take care of the skin and the mind at the same time, being the perfect scent to help you unwind and relax.

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Lemon Myrtle

Another Aussie native similar to the tea tree oil, the lemon myrtle is a prized ingredient that has been gathering a lot of attention recently. The flowering plant grows naturally in the sub-tropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland and its leaves contain the highest source of citral found in nature, a well-known anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agent. It’s used as an
antiseptic, disinfectant and expectorant, and it also helps boost the immune system and treat a variety of skin issues. Incorporated into cosmetics, it helps tighten pores, reduce irritations, and heal acne lesions and when used for under-eye application, helps minimise darkcircles.
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Kakadu Plum

The richest source of vitamin C on our planet, the Kakadu plum is another prized ingredient recognised for helping brighten, replenish and smooth the skin. The fruit grows on trees in open woodland across northern Australia, and like the Tasmanian pepper, has been used in beauty routines for thousands of years. In fact, they’ve been traditionally used by Aboriginal people as both food and medicine. The ingredient protects the skin from environmental and UV-damage, helps nourish and hydrate the skin and aids with hyperpigmentation. It leaves the skin’s outer barrier fortified and boosts collagen production at the same time, being a very potent ingredient in any skincare routine.
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Packed with vitamin C and calcium, Boab oil is squeezed out of the seeds and nuts from the Boab tree, found in the western regions of Australia. It’s closely related to other similar species in Madagascar and other regions of Africa, and it’s easy to recognise for its swollen trunk. Its properties have been acknowledged for centuries, with indigenous communities already using its oil hundreds of years ago. The oil is antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, it helps prevent
stretch marks and aids with the texture and smoothness of the skin.
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